Friday, December 02, 2005

Using Neil's suggestion for the last image in the previous post...

Since this was film and everything was merged already at the time of processing I used the following steps.

1) Select highlights and created a layer with only this selection
2) Blended this layer with multiply
3) Copied this layer to enhance the effect
4) Select shadows and created a layer with only this selection
5) Blended this layer with screen.

The shadows may be slightly too dark now but the sky has more definition.

Film Results

The film results are finally back. It took almost two weeks. I've included a failure (in terms of what I planned) as well as a few that I think turned out rather well.

The following is the failure. I was doing vertical shots and got the orientation wrong (upside down) on the second shot. It turned out rather cool though.

.... and then this happened. I find it interesting how the zoomed and out of focus frame causes the sky and clouds to be more defined in the other frame.

This one is several images shot from a tripod just slightly out of register with each other.

And finally, another experiment with zoom and focus.